Claim Policy - Tweezer World


Please check the shipment you received carefully if you find any damaged item then contact us within 5 days. Send the snaps of the damaged item if any and its video send to our email address.
First, we check it carefully if the item is repairable, send it to back (shipping charge from customer end) we repair and send it again. The client will bear shipping charges. If the item is replaceable we also replace it.
Any missing thing in size color etc, we settle these entire problems as soon as possible according to the policy.
We make sure 100% quality assurance through our expert team at every step from production to shipping.
Shipping Services
DHL, FedEx & UPS are available worldwide.
At the order of $500 shipping is free & above.
If the order is less than $500 we charge 50$ at each parcel.
The shipping formula against your order is as follows.
100 pcs _ Same working days
500 pcs _ 3 Working days
1000 pcs _ 5 Working days
5000 pcs _ 15 Working days
10000pcs – 30 Working days